Skills development is a priority element which amounts to 20 points (and 5 bonus points) of your total scorecard points. The minimum of 40% of the points within this element must be scored to avoid dropping a level.

Companies can only score points on skills development if there is sufficient evidence indicating that black people are being trained in scarce and critical skills. This means that a company can include training conducted on any person that satisfies the definition of black as per the BBBEE Codes of Good Practise regardless of employment status.

Unique Value Proposition

Startup Academy SA is not another boring training provider that just helps you improve your BBBEE points and get tax rebates, but we aim to make genuine impact in the lives of the entrepreneurs that come to our program, and we want to include you in our journey of developing career entrepreneurs.
We combine the effectiveness of sound theoretical knowledge, with the excitement of experiential learning.
After every entrepreneur successfully completes any of our programs, they become life long fellows of our Academy, where they will receive continuous support and engagement.
With our unique learnership program (Idea to Business), we intentionally tackle three serious problems for entrepreneurs, namely: lack of entrepreneurial/business skills, lack of funding, and access to markets.
Problem How we solve it
Lack of entrepreneurial/business skills ·       Accredited New Venture Creation Curriculum (NQF 4)

·       Experiential Learning

Lack of funding ·       Monthly Stipend (We encourage learners to use some of their stipend on the business development process and test their minimum viable products/services)

·       Investor readiness module

·       Regular pitching events

Lack of access to markets ·       Alumni Networks

·       Marketing and Sales Strategies

·       SME movement affiliation

Corporate options

Apart from an improved BBBEE scorecard and tax rebates, and apart from enabling young entrepreneurs to create much needed employment opportunities, by entering into learning contracts with unemployed people recruited by Startup Academy SA, you contribute to building up the skills pool of entrepreneurial thinkers (intrapreneurs), from which you may recruit relevant skills as needed for the fourth industrial revolution.
Skills Development Workshops
These are delivered through our entrepreneurship retreats. (Please refer to our entrepreneurship retreat’s tab on our website for the schedule and layout of the workshop). With our range of accredited short courses, we offer a customized experience for your employees who want to develop their soft skills and be relevant in this fourth industrial revolution we are part of. We are happy to run these workshops on your site, or your employees can come to our offices for the three days.
Retrenchment and Re-skilling Package
As much as we do not want to see people lose their jobs, the reality is that many people are being retrenched. If your company is faced with the dilemma of ensuring that you re-skill affected employees, our training will help them create their own jobs with their severance packages.

Why choose Startup Academy SA as your preferred skills development partner

  • When a Learnership is successfully completed, the employer claims an allowance of R 30 000 for each completed 12 months of the Learnership. So if it was a 2-year Learnership, the employer claims an allowance of R 60 000. If the Learnership was for 30 months, the employer’s allowance in the year of completion is also R 60 000, because two full periods of 12 months has been completed. No completion allowance is claimable until the Learnership is successfully completed.
  • Any grant funding received from your SETA still becomes part of your expenditure.
  • You can claim points for training in skills development, supplier development or enterprise development.
  • In addition to claiming learnership grants from your SETA, you can also claim a tax incentive when you register a learnership agreement with your SETA.
  • The table below indicates the monetary value of your tax claims based on the number of learners in your learnership:
Number of learners Total Learnership Tax Allowance Claimable
100 R 8 000 000
500 R 40 000 000