As a Startup Academy alumni, you are automatically graduated into an exclusive network of founders, creators, innovators and coaches to help you navigate the process of starting a new venture. The network creates a platform where you as an entrepreneur can acquire meaningful contacts and networks that can elevate your idea to better heights.

We support entrepreneurs who have successfully completed our programs through hosting various events such as business pitching competitions, networking evenings, reunions, and other relevant events suited for early stage entrepreneurs.

The Startup Network aims to keep alumni engaged in the academy, with the hope of them coming back to coach and mentor other aspiring entrepreneurs.

We also use Startup Network to measure the impact of our programs, through consistent communication and catch up sessions, regular meet ups and due diligence visits, and extended support from external partners.

“Think big and don’t listen to people who tell you it can’t be done. Life’s too short to think small.”
– Tim Ferris

Startup Coaching

Startup Academy is committed to seeing start up entrepreneurs succeed in their business, and because of this, we have developed a coaching practice that allows aspiring entrepreneurs the comfort of knowing that there is an experienced start up coach who is there to empower through the process of starting a business.

Our start up coaches are highly experienced entrepreneurs who have walked the journey of starting a business, and are willing to not only share their knowledge with you, but also be there for you when you need some important guidance.

The coaches are available to any alumni who has completed any one of our programs free of charge, and they focus primarily on individual start-ups at a time. You can book a coach at your own time, and your own space. Alternatively, coaching sessions can take place on our campus.

Startup coaches will help you

  • Other responsibilities as and when needed by you the entrepreneur.
  • Connect you with relevant parties to help build your network.
  • Show you the detail of acquiring customers for your product or service.
  • Propel your business from conception to early stage.
  • Guide you through the process of overcoming challenges.

Entrepreneurial Leadership Consulting and Facilitation

For the past few years, start-up academy has been involved in helping young entrepreneurs in high schools and universities acquire entrepreneurial mindsets, and develop business ideas through practical experiences.

With the need to develop a younger generation of entrepreneurs on the African continent, we partner with a number of organizations whose mission is to attack poverty, and create opportunities for young people to realize their entrepreneurial dreams.

Through this operation, we have been able to train more than 300 hundred young entrepreneurs, who are now change makers in their communities, and through this we aim to train 1200 young entrepreneurs by 2020.

We are continually looking to partner with more corporate companies in this regard, where we work with students in the high schools and universities to harness the entrepreneurial spirit that exists among the youth of Africa.