Gap Year Program

Startup Gap Year Program

This pre-university program is a unique experience that offers young people between the ages of 18 and 21 a chance to own their future.

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  • Think innovatively
  • Be an entrepreneurial Leader
  • Practice entrepreneurship
  • Master interpersonal skills
  • Be investor ready
  • Plan your business
  • Be emotionally intelligent
  • Communicate for impact

The Gap Year Program covers a wide range of activities related not only to your entrepreneurial journey, but also to your personal development. Our program allows you to engage with communities in and around Johannesburg for you to find solutions to the most pressing problems.

Field trips, excursions, camps, and market research requirements are included in the costs.



Personal Mastery

The personal Mastery course is geared at introducing emotional intelligence as a critical tool for entrepreneurial success. This course allows participants to engage with their own character as an entrepreneur, and propel and motivate themselves from within.

Participants will know what it takes to be self-aware when faced with important decisions. They will also engage with concepts of self-regulation, which is critical when the entrepreneurial journey becomes difficult.

Innovative Thinking

Thinking innovatively may come naturally to some, but it’s certainly a skill that can be learned over time. Some of the best, truly special ideas are relatively simple, and it’s merely a case of identifying them in your community and immediate surroundings.

Participants will learn how to create unique solutions to existing problems. We believe that when entrepreneurs genuinely pursue the art of innovative thinking, the solutions they create can solve not only the problems of their communities, by can be replicated in other societies.

Entrepreneurial Leadership

Entrepreneurial leadership is the cornerstone of changemakers within the entrepreneurial space. It allows young entrepreneurs to gain confidence in their ventures by leading their own vision and mission, through the practice of entrepreneurial leadership.

We aim to equip participants with not only skills that will enable them to be self-sustainable, but also imbed a sense of leadership in them.

Business Planning

No business venture can succeed without accurate and adequate planning. This module engages participants with the principles of how to plan for ones business through a research based approach. A big part of business planning is drafting a trail for your business to follow, while testing and reiterating their product or service.

The business model canvas is used to help participants summarize their plans by creating a one page illustration of how their businesses will work.

Investor Readiness

One of the major problems with youth entrepreneurship in South Africa is that many young entrepreneurs are not fundable. We aim to solve this problem by equipping participants with the necessary skills related to financial management that will be aligned with the requirements of most funding agencies.

This module is specifically geared towards facilitating financial skills to the participants.

 Job Shadowing and Community Service

As part of our experiential approach, participants will be required to under study an entrepreneur in their community. The entrepreneur could be someone they know or a complete stranger, but they are meant to immerse themselves in that business for a specified number of days.

Participants will be given clear instructions and tasks to complete, and participating in this task will count towards their final outcome.