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Startup Academy is the platform you need to launch your idea. We offer aspiring entrepreneurs an opportunity to move from idea stage to becoming an early stage entrepreneur, equipped with crucial skills for being a successful change maker through entrepreneurship. Our programs are strategically focused at developing your basic entrepreneurship skills, inspire an entrepreneurial mindset, and equip you with core business literacy.

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Startup Innovator is a 5 month business development program for aspiring entrepreneurs. The program is for individuals or teams who just have an idea for a business, and….


Our Startup Learnership offers aspiring entrepreneurs an opportunity to earn R18000 seed funding to kick start their business idea. The seed funding will be administered as a stipend spread…


Our Startup Internship program is a structured and monitored workplace experience gained through exposure and interactions within a real work environment for qualified profe….

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Be a part of the entrepreneurial revolution. To join the next cohort of startup innovators, click on Startup Innovator. To earn while you learn to be an entrepreneur, click on Startup Learnership. To develop your work skills while facilitating entrepreneurship, click Startup Internships.

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“Ease is a greater threat to progress than Hardship”.
– Denzel Washington